Food & Beverage Supervisor


We are Heartists®

“Heartist®” describes both our culture and who we are. Everything we do comes from the heart, and we’re experts in what we do. Generous, attentive, and free, we ensure that everyone can come as they are, and feel like they belong. As one big team, we know that only together can we do amazing things!

We believe that the world is more welcoming when we’re connected. So that we see what we have in common, instead of what sets us apart.

Life in Adagio & Ibis Styles

We create memorable stories for our guests and fellow Heartists® offering personalized experiences with a Glocalized urban touch.

We discover together and are flexible to our guest’s discerning needs.

Trendy, curious, creative and open minded blended with entrepreneurial spirit; our Heartists® bring life into the cluster.

The Role:

  • Functions as the Business Manager and a Marketing Specialist for the Food & Beverage Department and to ensure the outlets operate successfully and are individually profitable in accordance with the standards of the hotel.
  • Manages the restaurant team, helping them improve their skills and providing support for career development.
  • Manages headcount and restaurant organisation for optimum performance.
  • Improves sales, the quality of service and promotion of services in compliance with hygiene and security standards.
  • Ensures that all products served to guests conform to standard and are of good quality.
  • Is responsible for the restaurant budget, develops revenue and profit margins.

Key Deliverables and Responsibilities:

Planning & Organizing:

  • Participates in the formulation of the Annual Operating Budget in determining outlet projected revenues and expenses, operating equipment and FF&E requirements in line with the compilation of the Annual Business Plan.
  • Prepares forecasted P&L statements for promotional nights and events.
  • Identifies in conjunction with the Outlet Manager market needs and trends.
  • Monitors and analyze the menus and product of competitive restaurants.
  • Assists the Chef De Cuisine Main in developing menu "specials".
  • Plans and implement an effective sales plan and promotional activities in the outlet.
  • Provides the Outlet Manager with recommendations for the advertising campaign and assist in putting together the advertising brief and attend subsequent meetings.
  • Determines the best organisation (production, distribution, storage etc) according to existing infrastructure and equipment.
  • Ensures that all operating standards are adhered to in order to achieve the level of service established in the Departmental Operations Manual.
  • Prepares work schedules in line with activity forecasts.
  • Conducts monthly employee meetings and provide a summary with issues / solutions to the Outlet Manager
  • Conducts daily pre shift briefings to employees on preparation, service and menu knowledge.


  • Ensures that the monthly forecasted food and beverage revenue figures are achieved.
  • Strictly adheres to the established operating expenses and that all costs are controlled.
  • Is responsible for ensuring that consumption ratios meet the targets defined by the hotel and brand.
  • Helps prepare the annual budget for the restaurant, analyses results and implements corrective actions as necessary.
  • Manages stocks, takes part in inventories and justifies any consumption differences.
  • Ensures that equipment and appliances under his/her responsibility remain in good condition.
  • Is familiar with all the hotel's services and promotes them to encourage guest loyalty.
  • Increases sales through his/her innovative and creative approach and reliable advice.
  • Promotes special offers, and full range of products.
  • Is active in creating the restaurant atmosphere and managing operations
  • Keeps a close track of what the competition is doing
  • Supervises stock rotations for drinks and catering supplies, and identifies any needs
  • Establishes and strictly adheres to the par stocks for all operating equipment and supplies and ensures that the outlets are adequately equipped.
  • Controls the requisitioning, storage and replenishing for the outlet.
  • Carries out monthly, quarterly, bi yearly, yearly inventory of operating equipment.
  • Conducts in monthly inventory checks on all operating equipment and supplies.
  • Ensures that food and beverages department conforms to hygiene standards and preparation instructions and are served in a timely manner.
  • Supervises and checks the restaurant set-up, menu presentation and pricing and creates special promotional events in order to increase revenue and profit margins.
  • Is responsible for applying the reference standards and audit procedures as defined by the hotel and brand.
  • Coordinates with the departments close proximity to the restaurant (front office and etc).
  • Guarantees that equipment is kept clean and well maintained, in line with hygiene regulation.
  • Ensures equipment remains in good condition and signals any needs for technical intervention.
  • Ensures compliance with legislation governing the sale of beverages .
  • Ensures that all the outlet cashiering procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • Assigns responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.
  • Assists and coaches in the operation and be visible during peak times.
  • Conducts the technical and sales training for the team and supports high potential Heartists through their career development.
  • Liaises with the Kitchen and F&B departments on daily operation and quality.
  • Plans the outlet’s weekly roster and work schedules to ensure that the outlet is adequately staffed to handle the level of business and submit a copy to the T&C Department and Outlet Manager.
  • Liaises and inform Outlet Manager Manager and T&C Departments of all training sessions.
  • Develops departmental trainers and assign training responsibilities.
  • Conducts staff performance appraisals as required.
  • Identifies and develop young talents within the organization for future potential growth within the group.
  • To assist in the training of Heartists ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency and in the most productive manner.
  • To supervise the Heartists within the department, ensuring that the correct standards and methods of service are maintained as stated in the Hotel and Department Operations Manual.


  • Guarantees the respect of procedures governing cash operations, administration and audits, in line with the brand's internal audit guidelines
  • Maintains the Daily Log Book.
  • Is involved in the recruitment, integration and assessment of Heartists, with the Outlet Manager.
  • Maintains the departmental bulletin board.

Generic Aspects on Hygiene / Personal Safety / Environment/Confidentiality:

  • Ensure proper care of all equipment and furniture entrusted for Heartists use.
  • Be well-familiar with the hotel's policies and procedures, well-acquainted with the physical layout of the hotel and its premises and knowledgeable of the hotel's emergency procedures in regard to fire, medical, bomb threat, black-out and evacuation.
  • Knows the safety regulations and ensures their application & ensures the safety of people and property in the hotel.
  • Respects and ensures respect of the hotel's commitments to the "Environment Charter" of Planet 21 program (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc).
  • Understands and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the Employees Handbook and the Hotel’s policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
  • Ensure that confidential records and other confidential information are properly safeguarded and are not removed from the office.
  • Does not disclose any financial information or any other information of the Accor Hotels.

Our Values:

Our values are our common language, they drive us every day. Embodied in and flowing through our Heartist program, a symbol of our identity and culture, these values are the bedrock that binds us to the Group. They perpetuate and spread -beyond professions, persons, countries and cultures- the sense of hospitality and service, our strength and nourishment of the Group’s success worldwide.

Guest Passion

We obsess over our customers. Our guests are the driver of our decisions and our actions. We put them first, we care for them. We go the extra mile for them. We enjoy doing it.

Sustainable Performance

We believe that hospitality has the power to unlock a better tomorrow. We act for good to support & empower the communities in which we live and protect the planet that you visit.


We are connected with the world, and to others. We enjoy the mix of cultures. We are proud of our differences. We put you first and we value you, whoever you are. We care for the planet

Spirit of Conquest

Our guests are globetrotters, and so are we. We want to be where they want to be. We explore, we initiate, and we develop. We are ambitious for our guests. We make the impossible possible, we have fun doing it.


Hospitality is a team sport, and we’re stronger when we trust and support each other. We believe in natural kindness, respect our differences and value all voices. We work as one team, to say what we do, and do what we say.


We dare to challenge the status quo. We embrace innovation and challenge ourselves to do things better and faster. We take risks, dream the impossible and make it possible.

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