Labor Ward Registered Nurse

NMC Specialty AUH - Abu Dhabi

1.1 REPORT TO : Charge Nurse
1.2 AREA : Labor Ward
1.3 RESPONSIBLE FOR : Practical Nurses
Ward Attendants
1.4 LIAISES WITH : Nursing Staff
Nursing Supervisor
Medical Staff
Para Medical Staff/ Technicians
Infection Control Department
Support Services
Patients and Families
Manages patients care in allocated area ensuring good standard of care provided.
3.1 Plans, implements and evaluates nursing care given to assigned patients in an effective and organized manner.
3.2 Performs initial assessment of the patient
3.3 Monitors vital signs of mother and fetus throughout the delivery phase and initiate fetal heart monitor, performs vaginal exams, interpret fetal heart tones and determine frequency duration and intensity of contractions
3.4 Monitor progress of laboring mothers, interpret fetal heart monitor and notify physician when appropriate for progress or problems.
3.5 Assist mother with breathing exercises, pain management techniques and administer pain medication as ordered.
3.6 Predominant role in preparation, administration and documentation of medications
3.7 Prepare birthing room for delivery using strict sterile technique.
3.8 Prepare mothers for elective or emergency Cesarean Section by following written C-Section preoperative orders of the physician. Provide emotional support to mother, obtain proper consents and pre-op diagnostic studies and coordinate smooth transfer to surgery if indicated
3.9 Assist physician in artificial rupture of membranes, initiation of internal fetal monitoring or intrauterine pressure catheter, initiation of Pitocin drip or other IV medications, sterile vaginal exams or other procedures.
3.10 Assist anesthetist with the administration of spinal or epidural anesthetic and thereafter maintaining proper documentation of the same.
3.11 Perform post-partum care and provide health education to mother: check lochia, episiotomy and fundus, provide instruction in child care, breast feedings and self-care to mother, monitor vital signs per policy, and report problems to physician.
3.12 Maintains and updates all relevant patient documentations/medical records as per hospital policy and procedures.
3.13 Maintains confidentiality of patient’s records
3.14 Responsible for patient care programs like MAMA CARE, exclusive breast feeding etc.
3.15 Responsible for birth notification to the health authority and maintenance of labor and delivery register.
3.16 Participates in the rehabilitation and discharge planning of patients/families.
3.17 Assists with transfer of patients within the health care facilities and serves as transport nurse for patients during ambulance transport
3.18 Encourages an economical approach to the utilization of equipment’s and supplies while assisting the Charge nurse in maintaining an appropriate ward stock
3.19 Follows the reporting mechanisms/ chain of command in the Nursing Department. Ensuring patient care issues are correctly and quickly reported.
3.20 Takes responsibility for professional clinical practice and is actively involved in updating and continuing education.
3.21 Competent with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation technique
3.22 Responsible for checking of crash carts and emergency equipment’s as per hospital policy
3.23 Responsible for maintaining inventory checklist of medications including high alert medications and narcotics as per hospital policy
3.24 Responsible for maintaining inventory checklist of Hazmat items including MSDS as per hospital policy
3.25 Ensures preventative and ongoing maintenance of equipment is carried out, reporting all failures or deficiencies through appropriate department head
3.26 Participates in the implementation of unit goals, objectives, protocols, standards, policies and procedures that are consistent with those of the nursing service and the hospital
3.27 Takes responsibility for the ward / unit in the absence of the Charge nurse as assigned by the nursing administration
3.28 Demonstrates sound knowledge and participates in fire safety, patient safety, infection control and the other necessary precautions as per hospital policy
3.29 Demonstrates strict adherence to all hospital policies and procedures
3.30 Carries out other duties as instructed by the Nursing Shift Supervisor / Nursing Administrator
3.31 Comply with all OSH and infection control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements
3.32 Work accordance with the documented OSH procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities
3.33 Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
3.34 Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and assistance with the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports
3.35 Comply with Waste management procedures and policies
3.36 Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs
3.37 Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems Qualifications 4. QUALIFICATION, LICENSURE, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, SPECIAL SKILLS:
4.1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing / Diploma in Nursing.
4.2 Current license in country of origin and with HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) license to practice in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
4.3 Minimum 2 years nursing experience in labor ward
4.4 BLS provider
4.5 Good English spoken and written, Arabic language advantageous/desirable but not essential. Primary Location: Abu Dhabi Work Locations: Abu Dhabi Food Lands Building Abu Dhabi Job: Medical Organization: NMC Specialty AUH Full-time Job Posting: Oct 8, 2021, 12:11:20 AM

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