Business Finance Analyst

The Emirates Group - Dubai

Job Purpose: To provide dedicated financial services to a department by: - ensuring that all income and expenses are effectively managed and controlled through the provision of accurate financial information and the analysis and tracking of cost and expenditure - enhancing performance monitoring through production of standard business performance reports identifying the key issues, KPIs for exception reporting to the management and provide subject specific reports that enable more granular understanding of the key drivers that impact cost and revenue - providing financial decision analysis recommendations to the business. Job Outline: - Provide front line advice to complete the annual budget submission to Cost Centre holders for timely completion of budget consolidation at a division level, demonstrating productivity improvements year on year. Provide back up evidence to BFMs/FMs with detailed analysis, in order to appropriately challenge budget assumptions. Ensure that the budget focuses on KPIs for each part of the business and is aligned to the long term plan. - Provide continuous hands-on guidance to business managers in terms of financial awareness by educating on financial systems and procedures that govern best practices, specific to business domain cost and revenue drivers, building business cases with financial terminologies such as Net Present Value (NPV), and Return On Investments (ROI) etc. - Produce requisite reports - at regular specified intervals and focus on diagnosis to provide - alternative solutions for achieving change. (Reports include DCRs, MFRs, weekly reports, revenue/cost reports and subject specific granular level reports etc..,) - Generate and analyse periodic re-forecasts at the department (cost centre and profit centre) level and corporate level that will include the impact of any post budget development, not originally planned e.g. unbudgeted routes, aircraft acquisitions, delayed recruitment etc. in order to highlight the reasons for deviations. - Provide financial information to the business managers to initiate work flow processes such as RFPs, P2P, ITSRs, MREs. recommending for approval in line with pre-approved authority limits. Provide guidance to business managers in new business initiatives to secure financially acceptable solutions, highlighting issues where new ventures and initiatives impact existing finance processes, procedures and policies. - Perform financial accounting activities (applicable in EK Engineering, Skywards, Service Delivery and Corporate Communications). Ensure adequate validation of invoices, accrual generation and reconciliations with appropriate analysis in order to justify accounting activities to internal and statutory auditors. - Assist the business in establishing end to end financial accounting procedures consequent to new initiatives or new information and provide data capture for new analysis needs using appropriate changes to chart of accounts. Provide detailed analysis of new projects to be covered in the project register enabling effective communication within Finance and in turn ensuring the business gets the best overall finance delivery. - Research and maintain updated relevant benchmarking statistics on key performance indicators of the business, competitors and industry, providing analysis for opportunities to enhance revenue, reduce costs and optimise resources. Provide support to the business in the evaluation of high value contracts to ensure financial risks are adequately covered. - In consultation with BFM/FM work towards development and coaching of staff directly reporting into the job holder.
Qualifications & Experience: Experience: Finance & Insurance.Finance Management : 8+ Years Qualification: Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) OR A qualified accountant with 3 years experience. Experience in Finance/Management Accounting in a large organisation is necessary.
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