Consultant Infectious Diseases

University Hospital Sharjah - Sharjah
Job Code: ID1
Number of Positions: 1
Posted On: 06/09/2021
Close Date: 31/10/2021
Department: Internal Medicine
Years of Experience: 5

Job Description

Position Summary

Being one of the clinical roles within the Clinical Services of the hospital, the position will require a person who has practiced for at least 5 years after a post highest education qualifications and who has had international healthcare and academic experience. It is a pivotal role in the establishment of services at the hospital to ensure services are at an International standard and to meet and exceed accreditation standards. The Doctor should obtain the appropriate evaluation/License.

Summary of Main

Duties and Responsibilities

Admitting patients to hospital and ensuring that full admission documentation (history and physical, Admission note and initial integrated plan) are recorded.
Ordering treatments and medications.
Initiating appropriate investigations.
Liaising with Non-clinical/Clinical staff.
Conducting ward rounds at least once daily and as appropriate.
Preparing for and participating in consultant/specialist rounds.
Keeping daily records of inpatient progress.
Attending specified clinics.
Following up patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
Following up the results of investigations and adjusting patient treatment/management accordingly.
Preparing patients for procedures or surgery, where applicable.
Obtaining patients informed consent or applicable.
Performing invasive procedures/surgery in accordance with privileges.
Receiving calls and seeing patients from the Emergency Department and specialty clinics.
Receiving calls and consultation requests from other departments or hospitals.
Seeing patients referred for consultation.
Maintaining a good working relationship and professional conduct with all members of the staff and hospital staff.
Providing on call coverage on a rotational basis during evenings, nights, weekends, and Public Holidays, as required.
Maintaining and completing appropriate medical records for all patients in a timely fashion.
Participating in medical staff conferences, meetings and serve on hospital Committees, as requested.
Assuming other duties as may be assigned by the department head.
Carrying out the duties and responsibilities detailed in any department specific job description or statement of roles and responsibilities.
Participation in administration and compliance with JCI procedures and regulatory requirements.
Encourage multi-disciplinary teamwork
Disseminate and implement hospital’s policies & procedures.
Participate in Quality improvement activities meeting JCI & regulatory requirements.
Implementing clinical pathway/Guideline or applicable.
Provides leadership to the Infection Control Control Team.
Provides clear direction to healthcare professionals in creating and maintaining a safe environment.
Involve in planning, monitoring, evaluating the infection control activities in the hospital.
Supervise, coordinate and facilitate the infection control activities including:
Development of infection control policies and programs
Implementation of infection control policies and procedures
Education of staff and patients in infection control and prevention
Communication of staff and patients’matters related to infection
Collection, analysis and monitoring of infection control data
Reporting of data and cases to ministry and other local government bodies
Surveillance of healthcare associated infections.
Surveillance of staff health and immunization
Surveillance and epidemiologic investigation of infection in the hospital
Detection of infectious agents, antiprograms and their patterns
Establishing risk assessment and priorities of infection control programs
Liasing with the leadership and administration in matters related to infection control
Preparedness for emergency influx of infectious disease cases
Outbreak identification, management, control and prevention
Sterilization, disinfection and environmental cleanliness
Meeting regulatory and accreditation standards


Requirements/Qualifications Required

American Specialty Board or equivalent in accordance with MOH Table of Equivalency.
5 year’s clinical experience post certification in the appropriate specialty, in an active, acute care accredited institution or equivalent.


BLS Certificate
ACLS Certificate


UAE Ministry of Health License
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