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Purpose of Job:

  • Identifies critical process equipment and piping. Establish, executes appropriate Inspection / NDT plan.
  • Prepares scope of work for major, modular turnarounds.
  • Determines replacement, repair requirements and remaining service life of equipment and piping based on evaluation of inspection findings and operating condition.
  • Provides recommendations with analysis of equipment conditions and corrective/ preventive action.
  • Prepares Inspection Test Plan, QA/QC plan for procurement of Capital plant equipment. Issues clearance certificates and reports of equipment after inspection and testing.
  • Carries out inspection and testing of all static equipment of process plants, storage and marine facilities as well as pipelines system.
  • Provides recommendations with analysis of equipment condition and corrective/preventive action. Reviews design specification requirements for new projects and modifications.

Work Performed:

  • Supervises the activities of assigned employees. Performs supervisory functions at the level established by Management for the position.
  • Inspects static equipment and piping in process utilities and storage areas, lifting equipment, COMPANY owned gas cylinders, maintenance and capital investment work, either in accordance with predetermined schedule or as/when required, to ensure compliance with standards, codes and specifications. Specifies and witnesses pressure tests on equipment after repair and during start-up, including hydrostatic and pneumatic tests. and certifies gas cylinders. Analyses conditions observed during inspection and provides recommendations for long term remedial action. Work includes on-stream inspection of all operating units and systems
  • Supervises and participates to the limited extent in non-destructive testing of equipment and piping, including review of preliminary interpretations carried out by subordinates.
  • Checks condition of safety relief valves, prescribes repairs as required, and certifies relief pressure setting, including hot setting where needed.
  • Carries out on stream inspection of static equipment and piping based on applicable Inspection codes e.g., API 510, 653, and 570.
  • Arranges failure investigation, analyses findings to identify cause and submits recommendation for corrective action. Prepares inspection schedule for process units, static equipment and piping based on code requirements. Determines critical equipment and pipelines and defines type and frequency of tests required.
  • Reviews material and welding and QA/QC requirements of new projects and modifications.
  • Prepares turnaround scope of work for maintenance activities based on on-stream and previous equipment history records and the frequency of inspection established.
  • Determines critical equipment and pipelines and defines type and frequency of tests required.
  • Prepares scope of work for maintenance activities related to tanks, marine jetty and painting works.
  • Establishes inspection standards, specifications and procedures and modifies existing standards and procedures as necessary.
  • Arranges for welding qualifications, reviews welding procedures including stress relieving, heat treatment and QA/QC and certifies qualification tests as required per code.
  • Develops painting/coating requirements for pipelines, structures, equipment and tanks and gives recommendation to supervisor about selection of system and procedure for quality control. Inspects paint condition and conducts quality control checks as and when required for painting jobs.
  • Coordinates and arranges with the concerned for the scan survey and other inspections of underwater / underground pipelines and structures. Prepares scope of work, carries out award related activities and executes the work related to various specialized NDT and inspection works.
  • Prepares engineering specifications for all special materials such as paints, linings, welding electrodes, refractories and updates as required.
  • Attends / participates as member in the various technical and / investigation committee/taskforce tender evaluation, coordination meetings with contractors and other sections formed in the Refinery.
  • Assists in preparing training programmes for National employees undergoing on-the-job training by identifying specific training needs. Provides training, guidance and counseling to trainees, developees and other subordinates.
  • Reviews all the equipment histories and determines the probable mode of failures, frequency of inspection and type of inspection required based on Risk based Inspection.
  • Reviews and analyses all the inspection datas and certifies the equipment based on fitness for the purpose requirements. Carries out other similar duties as assigned such as ensuring that inspection data for equipment is properly entered in the Inspection Management Systems and is continuously maintained and updated.
  • Implements HSE rules and regulations related to inspection activities. Recommends upgrading of material in static equipment and piping.
  • Carries out all activities related to procurement of material, coordination with vendors, different sections upto final acceptance of equipment at site.
  • Prepares scope of work for all site and shop related third party inspection activities for revamp jobs.
  • Carries out liaison with specialized agencies for integrity and life assessment of critical equipment.
  • Reviews critical purchase requisitions raised by maintenance related to static equipment for inclusion of QA/QC requirements. Specifies suitable NDT techniques based on process streams and equipment for monitoring / onstream inspection.
  • Plans and supervises inspection activities during plant / equipment inspection. Plans inventory of critical inspection items required during turnaround.

Minimum Requirements:

  • BSc in Metallurgical or Mechanical engineering.
  • 5 years experience in inspection, corrosion prevention and preferably in Petrochemical or Refinery Industry.
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Good knowledge of relavent API, ASTM, NACE, ASME and TEMA standards / codes.
  • Preferably certified as API <phone number removed> Inspector
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