GAL - Abu Dhabi

PUBLISHED ON 10/06/2021

OVERVIEW The Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) will support and execute the Quality Assurance audit strategy within the aviation maintenance site as directed by the GAL QA Manager in accordance with the Group Maintenance Command to ensure contractual requirements are being maintained. The QAO will also capture the defined aviation QA Key Performance Indicator(s) (KPI’s) data and report this information to the relevant maintenance program management team and the QA Manager to monitor the overall health of the aviation maintenance program.

Will also be responsible for:

1. Responsible for supporting the aviation maintenance site auditing scheduled as defined in the GAL maintenance contract.
2.Prepare an annual Audit Plan.Perform audits in accordance with the approved Plan.Perform required follow up , verification and closure of non-confomities.
3. Assist the QA Manager in coordinate and liason with Authority Regulatory (JAC) pertaining to Quality Assurance Issues.
4. Assist the QA Manager in meeting and ensuring compliance to the documented quality management system auditing requirements and its processes.
5. Assist in the development of the relevant quality assurance KPI(s) to measure and monitor the aviation maintenance programs performance.
6. Carry out compliance audits for both GAL and/or the Group Maintenance Command as required at both headquarters and/or the maintenance sites and performs root cause analysis as required for corrective actions and support maintenance in continual improvement of the overall quality management system.
7. Performs statistical analysis, data analysis and monthly reporting to the Management Team, and the customer.
8. Oversees and monitors the development and implementation of the continual improvement program in collaboration with the management team.
9. Recommends changes to the documented quality management system based on Authority Regulations, experience and data analysis through monthly information.
10. Maintains a professional standard and practices in all aspects of the quality program and its services and be familiar with military organizations, regulations, procedures and their chain of command.
11. Maintains familiarization and ability to comprehend and understand Authority Regulations, various engineering specifications, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) drawings and/or repair specifications of aircraft related components and/or parts.

NATIONALITY No Restriction

QUALIFICATION - Bachelor's Degree in aviation related studies or equivalent of -aviation Quality Assurance.
  • IRCA / RAB Aerospace Assessor (past or present certification).
  • License in Aircraft Mechanic (A & P Mechanic License)

EXPERIENCE - Minimum of 5 Years Experience working in Aviation Quality Assurance and Auditing role
  • TAMMS-A understanding desirable.
  • Prior military and aviation experience in Quality Assurance standards and civilian regulation.
  • Must be experienced with multiple computer based software and program usage and be able to drive and
  • Experience in aircraft auditing techniques and auditing standards preferred.

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