Product Manager

Hoo Exchange - Dubai

The Role
[?? 21:25] Aurora Product Manager Responsibilities 1. Responsible for the product-related work of the independent mode, including product planning, design and iteration of marketing tools, user growth, event operations, experience optimization, and innovative products; 2. Be keen on user pain points, see the essence of the product clearly, and propose solutions to complex problems; 3. Deeply think about the essential needs of the business, be result-oriented, and jointly develop business parties, operations, markets, testing and other related personnel to achieve the goals; 4. Carefully use product and project management related tools, independently complete demand research, product plan design, demand design and demand documentation based on business goals, and then analyze the goal realization in a timely manner and formulate plans and plans;

1. Major and above degree, finance and computer are preferred 2. Have more than 3 years of work and more than 2 years of experience as a product manager in the financial industry; 3. Excellent logical thinking ability and data analysis ability; 4. Good project management ability, can promote the implementation of product solutions; 5. Good interpersonal communication and ability to understand users, positive, optimistic and optimistic; 6. Experience in Internet or financial technology products is preferred; experience in blockchain industries, digital asset management or Internet financial products is preferred.

About the company
Hoo Exchange is the world's leading digital assets trading platform.

Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: [email protected]