Emerson - Dubai

The storekeeper will ensure that the arrival of incoming goods is managed and entered in accounts as well as physical stores within 2 days. The store-keeper needs to collaborate with purchasing and quality departments for any non-conform receipts. The store-keeper is also warrant of the best stocking policy with regards to safety and efficiency. The candidate will also release all kits complete to the assembly department in due time to meet the customer requested dates. They will ensure that the kitting is done within 1 day and will deliver all required components to assembly. They will ensure to regularize all scraps and return parts to maintain inventory accuracy.

Your role responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Receipt of all incoming goods from yellow to green zones then to stores
  • Managing all non-conform receipts with appropriate departments such as purchasing and quality
  • Move all incoming goods to Racks or Kardex and ensure optimized locations use
  • Ensures cleanliness / safety in the stores area.
  • Ensures compliance to forklift driving and regulation requirements
  • Conduct physical count and inventory reconciliation when necessary
  • Manage the transfer of parts to and from paint shop prior to kitting
  • Manage the Racks picking of the parts for kitting operations
  • Manage the Kardex picking of the parts for kitting operations
  • Ensure that kitting is done with 100% of required and conform parts
  • Issue the kits complete on FIFO mode to assembly on daily basis

What do I need to be considered for this role?

  • Two Year Diploma
  • At least 2 years’ experience in Store keeping role
  • Practical knowledge in Oil and Gas Industry
  • With experience in Excel MS operation

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