Teaching Assistant - Dubai

Heriot Watt University - UAE

Key Responsibilities:

Teaching & learning support

  • Deliver a high quality teaching and learning experience to the students
  • Carry out teaching within a clear and established programme in a variety of settings from small groups to large classes
  • Develop own teaching materials, with assistance and support as required.
  • Set and mark assignments with assistance and support as required
  • Transfer knowledge in the form of practical skills, methods and techniques
  • Develop of examination questions appropriate to the learning outcomes
  • Assess student progress and provide constructive feedback
  • Continually update knowledge and develop skills to inform and support teaching integrating pedagogy or professional activities where appropriate
  • Develop the skills of applying appropriate approaches to teaching
  • Develop student's critical thinking and study skills

Scholarship & pedagogy
Reflect on practice and the development of own teaching and learning skills
Maintain a general awareness of developments in relevant subject areas
Seek ways of improving performance by reflecting on teaching design


  • Deal with routine communication using standard media
  • Communicate information and ideas to students
  • Report results of assessments and student feedback to course co-ordinators and administrative officers
  • Prepare handouts, VLE-based information and other basic learning support materials

Liaison & networking

  • Liaise with colleagues and students
  • Join appropriate internal networks
  • Participate on school/Institute committees; for example, teaching groups

Managing people
Manage, with guidance, own teaching activities.


  • Actively participate as a member of a teaching team
  • Attend and contribute to relevant meetings

Pastoral care

  • Show consideration to others
  • Act as mentor to students as required
  • Initiative, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Deal with problems which may affect the delivery of teaching
  • Contribute to decisions affecting the work of the team

Planning and managing resources

  • Plan own day-to-day activity within the framework of the agreed programme
  • Co-ordinate own work with that of others to avoid conflict or duplication of effort
  • Contribute to the planning of teaching programmes

Sensory, physical and emotional demands

  • Sensory and physical demands may vary from relatively light to a high level depending on the discipline and the type of work carried out
  • Balance with help the competing pressures of teaching and administrative demands and deadlines

Work environment
Required to be aware of the risks in the work environment


  • Possess sufficient breadth or depth of specialist knowledge in the discipline and of teaching methods and techniques to work within own area
  • Knowledge of appropriate teaching and assessment methods including, for example, developing teaching materials and setting and marking assignments with appropriate support
  • Ability to organise own teaching workload, ensuring deadlines and standards are met, with general supervision from senior colleagues.

This document sets out the standard role requirements of a grade 6 teaching role, and in addition the TA is expected to maintain their registration as a PhD student as appropriate.

The deadline for all applications is Thursday 18th August 2022.

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