Maintenance Shift Supervisor

Arabian Packaging Co. - Dubai

Job Title Maintenance Shifts Supervisor

Report to Manager Plant Maintenance Manager

Role Purpose The role of the Shift Supervisor is primarily to support the running of the factory by
resolving breakdowns and by delivering maintenance. Secondly they are also

required to drive improvement across the site in terms of new machinery, hygiene,

quality, and performance

Working Relationships work closely with the all department members and other needed departments to

oversee all maintenance activities associated

Duties and responsibilities
Responsible to support the whole team and to ensure that the maintenance operations within

the factory, including general maintenance, are working properly and up to the operating standards. 

Responsible to keep all equipment in good repair providing day-to-day maintenance support.
Additionally, work towards and support the improvement of service 

Complete Maintenance Work Orders & multiple work orders from various departments, fixing broken
or malfunctioning machines as quickly as possible 

Maintain Records During their shift, record and keep a logbook of the work completed. & maintaining
complete and accurate operational records in order to document performance 

Attend to breakdowns onsite ensuring that there is always a rapid response and that plant equipment
and machinery breakdown time is minimized. Always endeavor to reduce downtime of site plant and

machinery; 

Able to take charge of a shift of eight to nine working hours (Morning, Afternoon, Night
or Break Shift). 

Able to complete the daily checklist before handing over the shift. 

Able to look after the smooth functioning of all machinery and equipment. 

Able give proper handover to the next shift and also take regular briefing of the shift staff 

supervise shifts maintenance technicians
Health and safety 

Maintaining tools and equipment, so that they are in a safe working condition; as well
as making sure that the workshop and plant rooms are safe environments at all times; 

Always adhere to Technical procedures and Good Manufacturing Processes 

Ensures all health, safety, and regulations are followed 

Ensure company policies are followed regarding incident reporting, investigations, and
communication 

use tools and other equipment properly, according to relevant safety instructions and any training they
have been given 

not misuse equipment provided for their health and safety
Qualification & Skills 

University degree in Engineering (Electrical OR Mechanical Engineering), with 4 plus years of experience
in related field with background and experience in engineering and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

OR A high school diploma with technical background with 6 plus years of experience 

Ability to read and understand test equipment, measuring devices, and safety manuals. 

Ability to work without close supervision and within established time frames. 

Demonstrable electrical experience and current working knowledge of general maintenance and
engineering work 

Can relate well and must know how to deal with people at all levels 

Decision-making – shift Supervisor receive competing maintenance issues and must be able to determine
the best order of priority 

Communication skills –must effectively communicate with subordinates, and other shift Supervisores to
coordinate and delegate tasks and devise process improvements 

Troubleshooting –help keep production running smoothly, have to quickly assess and identify equipment
malfunctions 

Time management – work assigned to shift supervisor must be completed before the next shift starts, which
requires strong time management 

Mechanical knowledge – shift supervisors utilize several different machines and equipment and must be
able to do so safely and correctly. They must also be competent in maintaining these machines and


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