Regional In-store Logistics Manager

Ansifo - Dubai


Regional In-store Logistics Manager Job Vacancy We are looking for experienced and talented Regional In-store Logistics Manager for Dubai. Category –Logistics jobs

Sales Supply Support & Inventory

  • Support with ensuring the right service level of articles is ordered as per the range file and GPS input.
  • Secure system integrity during the build-up phase in CBU 2 by ensuring all the relevant system parameters are in place i.e. Sales Space Management, RTS, Fill rate, Flexi sales to secure Common Planning Concept is worked with in the beginning. Organizational Readiness document to be tracked pre/post opening.
  • Ensure the KPI’s for SSS are tracked right from the beginning in order to detect any deviation in the Service Level per HFB by securing a healthy stock on hand, on invoice and on order in the pipeline for the strategic articles in SL 1 & 2.
  • Ensure the inventory team has an inventory cycle plan in place and the same is followed by securing a complete count for the store before store opening. (Displays, Room sets, fixed assets, buffer & picking locations, Sales support areas).
  • Liaise with the import specialist to ensure all containers are received as per the agreed time plan and the flow of goods receiving is secured in order to reduce any demurrage at port.
  • Plan and review the in-store logistics stock control system in order to ensure system accuracy and minimize discrepancies.
Store Operating Procedures
  • Ensure the In-store logistics team has two set of SOP’s one for the build-up stage and one for operating a running store.
  • Proof read and support with drafting the SOP of the ISL dept for both situations build up & post opening.
  • Conduct an SOP test as per the expansion process to secure the ISL co-workers are well versed with the department SOP as well as the common SOP required to be learnt by all co-workers in store.
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